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Partner with us for underground utility boring services in or around Crumpler & Boone, NC

It isn't always easy to install new utilities on a property. If you're struggling with an installation, let Rhodes Contracting LLC lend a hand. We offer underground utility boring services in Crumpler and Boone, NC.

You can subcontract us to perform directional boring on your job site. We can bore out space for plenty of utilities, including cable lines. By hiring us, you'll get excellent workmanship at a fair and affordable price point.

Speak to our contractor today about our directional boring services.

Boring service in Crumpler, NC and Boone, NC

Working in a variety of environments

Our underground utility boring services are very flexible and can meet the demands of all types of work sites. You can have us bore under:


For pipe projects, we'll install a sleeve after we've bored out the area to secure your installation. Schedule a boring service for your work site today.