Land Clearing

Want to Open Up Your Property?

Hire us when you need land clearing services in Crumpler, Boone, NC or the surrounding area

Vegetation, rocks and debris can make it difficult for you to use your land effectively. Thankfully, Rhodes Contracting LLC has your back with our land clearing and brush removal services. We can clear off public and private lands in Crumpler and Boone, NC.

You can have us remove any unwanted vegetation and other objects that are in the way of your outdoor development plans. We can even perform minor land grading work and drainage corrections, so you can enjoy having a flat and safe landscape.

Update your landscape with our land clearing and brush removal services.

land clearing in Crumpler, NC and Boone, NC

Making room for all kinds of projects

Our contractor can clear land for a variety of projects. We've made space for:

Driveways and camping areas
Septic tanks
Recreational areas

We'll even put down gravel when clearing out areas for roads. Team up with us to get your land cleared.