Septic Systems

Worried About Your Septic System?

Turn to us for septic system repairs and installations in the Crumpler & Boone, NC areas

Minor issues with your septic system can quickly turn into larger plumbing problems. Luckily, Rhodes Contracting LLC has your back with our septic system repair services. We can work on residential and commercial septic systems in Crumpler and Boone, NC.

We'll quickly determine what's wrong with your system and the best way to repair it. Not only can we perform septic system repairs, but we'll also work on your broader sewage system if needed. We are also licensed in the state of Tennessee for septic tank Installations.

Call us at 336-977-7012 to schedule a septic tank repair or installation service.

septic system installation in Crumpler, NC and Boone, NC

Add a new system to your property

In addition to repairs, we are licensed to perform septic system installations. Our company:

Specializes in chamber and sock pipe systems
Will clear the land needed for your new system
Can install just the septic tank if needed

Reach out to us for a free estimate on a septic system installation.